EDx700™ Liquid Biopsy

EDx700™ Liquid Biopsy

EDx700™ liquid biopsy is a simple blood test which measures exosome-associated Hsp70 in the blood – no tissue biopsy is needed.

EDx700™ detects the presence of tumors expressing mHsp70, and can be used to measure therapeutic response and monitor early disease recurrence.

Clinical Trial – Companion Diagnostic Was approved to be used as part of the inclusion/exclusion criteria for a Phase IIa clinical trial of our autologous membrane Hsp70 targeted NK cell therapy in patients with Stage IIIb NSCLC by the Paul Ehrlich Institute (‘German FDA’) .

To be utilized in a Phase I/II Clinical Trial in patients with advanced Stage IV NSCLC in the United States.  
Commercialization Alphageneron has entered into a royalty agreement for EDx700™ with Exocellular Diagnostics, an affiliated company.

The test is approved for marketing as a Laboratory Diagnostic Test (LDT) in the European Union, and marketing approval as an LDT in the USA is being sought.

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