An allogenic NK cell therapy that targets tumors expressing mHsp70. Patients are selected with high mHsp70 exosomes in their blood using our Companion Diagnostic AP-CDx (described below). We obtain  PBMCs from healthy donors by apheresis, their NK cells are expanded, and incubated ex vivo with TKD and IL-2, followed by freezing, thawing and intravenous administration to patients.

  • Pre-clinical (animal) studies in Germany have demonstrated that TKD/IL-2 activated human allogeneic NK cells control the growth of human metastatic colorectal cancer, NSCLC, and metastatic pancreatic cancer in immune deficient mice. Pre-clinical studies in immune deficient mice have also shown the efficacy of ANKASTIM against human metastatic lung cancer to be further improved when combined with OPDIVO®.  
  • Planned Phase I clinical Combination trial in metastatic gastric and colorectal cancer (Stage IV) in the United States,  after standard of care (SOC) combined with PD(L)-1 checkpoint inhibitor patients, who failed chemo-radiation and PD(L)-1 checkpoint inhibitors as salvage therapy.